friendshipFollowing on from Inclusion last week, we will be looking at friendship this week.  The Anchors will watch this VeggieTales song and then talk about it.  The Juniors will listen to this (and watch the video) discussing it afterwards  For the Company and Seniors we will look at Bible Quotes about Friendship – there is a fab list of ideas here:

We will make/decorate gingerbread friends with the little ones, whilst the older ones make and exchange friendship bracelets.  The games will be teamwork ones, for the Anchors it will be relay races, for the older ones it will be pass the hoop and pass the T-shirt type games, whichinvolve the youngsters wording together.  We will also play in groups on the Boomwhacker bells and stickers as these are fab for teamwork.  The Juniors will also do a bit of figure marching too!

Thanks to for these fab resources too: recipe_for_a_perfect_friendfriendship_alphabet_challenge and best_friends_colouring_page

Eurovision – Building Bridges

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 16.06.06Following on from 2014 and Conchita Wurst and the idea of tolerance being so well highlighted, this year the Eurovision theme is Building Bridges and it is interesting to see a couple of acts with very visible disabilities present in the finals.  We are building bridges between communities and groups who wouldn’t have traditionally been involved in a singing competition.  We are having a theme night around the topic of building bridges (in every sense of the word).

Our discussions will be about inclusivity – we have about 65% SEND children (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in the company so it is very appropriate to us.  Here are some notes to accompany a discussion. notes  Here is an inclusion style ‘friends are different’ colouring for the Anchors too. inclusion colouring Here is a link to a video of Extreme Bridges which could make a good discussion. 

For the older ones here is a challenging word search (or rather 3 which get progressively more difficult. Word search and also a Eurovision quiz and a quiz about bridges quiz  (as a PowerPoint – answers on the final slide). For a quick activity they can design their own Eurovision Heart with this template.

The little ones will also build Lego and paper bridges to show the idea of joining things together and bringing together of Nations and groups within this.  Here is a link to some science resources for paper bridges 

Christian Aid Week

christian aidAs part of Christian Aid Week (May) we did a number of activities with a range of different age groups.

We learnt about the work of Christian Aid through their website and used some of these resources:

The Anchors drew pictures in this photo frame of things we should be thankful for and things we have that others around the world don’t. christian aid photo frame We cut them out and laminated them to make a display in the church.

The Juniors used this document cow – printed double sided – to cut out and make little activity booklets, which they then completed.

This activity about school break times around the world also linked in nicely.  Breaktime around the world It can either be used as a PowerPoint or printed out and leads to a discussion about differences and rights/responsibilities.

International Day of Families – 15th May

For the international day of families here are some ideas… we are using some of the resources found here and in addition we have this Wordsearch.

IMG_3154We are also decorating gingerbread men to make gingerbread families (I bought the packs of 30 mini gingerbread men for £1.60 (or two packs for £3) from Tesco.  IMG_3153Here are some photos of the creations.

We will be playing happy families and top trumps too!


Red Cross/Red Crescent Day 2015

British-Red-Cross8th May is Red Cross/Red Crescent Day so here are some activities for you.  Here is a colouring sheet for the little ones and a fact sheet Red Cross facts to share with older ones or as a basis of a discussion.  For the Juniors or Company here is a puzzle sheet.  In terms of answers – the word ‘redcrescent’ is hidden 13 times and ‘redcross’ is hidden 11 times.

There are some nice resources to print or a video clip on the Red Cross website showing who they help too. We then did out prayers by writing on Elastoplasts (who or what we wanted to help) with permanent marker pens and sticking onto a large piece of paper to make a display.  Here is a fab online quiz for your youngsters or print out and use too 

Here is an idea adapted from the Red Cross Website, which is Emergency Bingo.  Print off the relevant sheet for the size of your group, so that there is one square per person (approximately).  They then have to talk to each other and get signatures in the boxes.  Each person can sign each sheet only once.  The winner can be the one with the most signatures after a given time or the one who completes the sheet first.  This activity leads into a discussion about emergencies.

This is a perfect link into First Aid or collecting for a Disaster Relief Fund.  In addition we decorated buns with a red cross using pre coloured roll out icing!  The Anchors also decorated their paper plates with lots of fab red crosses.

International Day of Dance

As 29th April is InternationDancing silhouettesal Day of Dance, here are some ideas including 2 bible quotes to discuss: Psalms 149:3 “Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises to him with the tambourine and harp”, Psalms 150:4 “Praise him with the tambourine and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs”.

Here is a word search word search dance and a colouring sheet colouring dance as well as a link to the website with a few details. Here is a quiz for older ones too Dance Quiz.

We are having a parent who is a dance teacher come in to teach the Anchors and Juniors some dance moves too.  In addition we will be playing musical statues and the Juniors will be using Just Dance on the Wii. Figure Marching will also feature in our evening.BB dancing

St George’s Day

englandSt George’s Day is coming up now so here are some resources for you.  Here is a link to some great puzzles and colouring pages You could also try dressing up in red and white and colouring in flags

Here are a few shield outlines to keep the youngsters busy too – shields – with the younger ones they will design their own shield and the older ones are going to do this as a team work activity.

Here is a great version of the story to share with your children too! and to finish off here is a quick quiz St George’s Day Quiz.