St George’s Day

englandSt George’s Day is coming up now so here are some resources for you.  Here is a link to some great puzzles and colouring pages You could also try dressing up in red and white and colouring in flags

Here are a few shield outlines to keep the youngsters busy too – shields – with the younger ones they will design their own shield and the older ones are going to do this as a team work activity.

Here is a great version of the story to share with your children too! and to finish off here is a quick quiz St George’s Day Quiz.

Earth Day – 22nd April

earthday image

IMG_3058It is almost Earth Day, so here are some ideas to keep you busy.  Our Anchors made these fabulous characters using this template earthday-mascot_EDMCO and split pins.  We printed them smaller, so both sheets fitted onto an A4 sheet of card (we used blue card and the children only then had to colour in the land in green – much easier!)  I thought that they looked really fab.  We cut them out in advance to make it quicker and easier.  Thanks to for this resource.

We also had a dot to dot and a spot the difference for the youngsters to do too.

IMG_3059The Juniors used the silicon moulds mentioned in the Valentines Day post and we put broken wax crayons in (blue and green only) and then heated them in the oven briefly about 3-4 minutes at 200 degrees) to make fab Earth like hearts that were then stuck to the card using a glue gun.  Here are the choices of background which we printed onto coloured card and the children cut out. love the world5 r’s and earth day.IMG_3060

Here is a PowerPoint with lots of ideas to stimulate a discussion.  IMG_3062You could either use it as a PowerPoint or print the slides out and pass them around the group.  We also used the Creation Story from Genesis as a devotional.

We made these Earth biscuits with green and blue Candy Melts and Oreo Cookies.  We melted the blue ones first and covered both sides of the biscuit placing it on grease proof paper and then used the melted green ones to ‘design’ the land masses.

Here is a like to a quiz which may be useful It is from Canada but most of it is relevant to other countries.  There are loads of questions so you can easily choose 10-15 to use which will be relevant to your group.

I hope that you enjoy these resources.

Cinderella – Be Kind and Have Courage

cinderellaandprinceAfter a great trip to the cinema with the Anchors and Juniors and seeing the new, fab version of Cinderella, here are a few resources incase you fancy a theme night.

Here is a link to the official Disney page and there are a number of fun things to look at

Here is a colouring page and a word search.  Here is a link to other things such as a dot to dot and spot the difference, all of which look great!

If you want a discussion with older Juniors or even a topic discussion with Company Section then show them the trailer from youtube and then discuss the Cinderella quotes in this PowerPoint.  If you don’t have the facilities to show the PowerPoint you can just print out the slides.

With the little children they can pretend to be the different animals from the film and move around the room as them (try: horses, geese, lizards, mice, birds).  The Anchors seem to love pretending…

clockTelling the time is another good Junior Section activity which fits with this film a the clock striking 12.00 is a central theme “Midnight changes everything”.

My final suggestion is designing favourite outfits for a ball by cutting up old catalogs.  This is quite appropriate for Year 6 as many of them have a ‘leavers prom’ – not sure why they do at such a young age, but they do!

Hope you have fun with Cinderella!


easter bunny

These ideas are in addition to the Easter post from last year. 

Here are some colouring sheets Easter coloring and a difficult word search Easter giant word search.  For the older ones here is a rabbit quiz Rabbit quiz and a chocolate quiz. chocolate Here is a blank egg, so that they can design their own egg. blank eggIMG_2895

We will be making Easter nests with shredded wheat, chocolate and mini eggs (dairy free chocolate and jelly beans instead for those who can’t have dairy).

We are also decorating pretty paper bags (very cheap from Ebay) to use for colleIMG_2891cting our Easter treats.  We bought foam stickers from Hobbycraft and foam letters from BakerRoss. With the little ones they had an Easter Egg Hunt and for the older ones the eggIMG_2890s etc will be prizes for the word searches and quizzes etc.

Decorating eggs is always fun and here is a sheet of cartoons which can act as inspiration! inspiration sheet I will addIMG_2893 photos of the creations later on!

Here is a sheet of 10 facts which could be a discussion IMG_2892starter for young people.  easter facts

Science Week – Milk and Cows

cowAs it was science week we tried an experiment with milk. Details are here: Swirling Milk and here is a video (not mine) of it all happening

So linked to this we had some milk and cow themed things.  A colouring colouring picture cow colouring and mask cow mask for the little ones.  There is also a spot the difference Cow spot the difference. We also use the Activity Village Cow Breed Wordsearch and also this Quiz quiz milk with the older Juniors and Company Section.  Thanks to for this Cow Box Craft idea, print on card, then cut out and make – cowboxcraft.

You could also make milkshakes or flavoured milk!

Palm Sunday – Donkeys


Here are a few donkey/Palm Sunday themed ideas.  To start with for the Anchors there is a simple colouring picture.colouring donkey Also for the Anchors are some finger puppets.  Print onto card and cut out, the Anchors then colour them in and can ‘act out’ little scenes.  There are 4 on a sheet. donkey finger puppet

Also for the little ones there is a donkey dot to dot.  Join the dots and then colour it in. Donkey Dot to Dot

For the Juniors you could print this onto card and cut out/colour in.  Attach two pegs to give you the legs and you have a stand up donkey.Donkey pegs The Juniors might also like a Shrek Style Donkey Mask, have a look at the one on this link:

Here is a link to a Donkey/Shrek themed drama piece too

Last Supper

IMG_2799With Easter approaching, here are some activities for a last supper or communion themed evening.

Here is a colouring picture for the younger children to enjoy. last supper  And here is a word search puzzle suitable for Juniors to complete after hearing and discussing the story. There are no words listed to find but all words are directly from the story (even though our Juniors decided ‘yum’ would have been said this wasn’t one of the words).This makes the puzzle a little more challenging. last supper wordsearch


IMG_2800We also made sandwiches with the Anchors and Juniors.  Learning to butter bread was obviously a skill that some of the children really needed practise but they had great fun making their sandwiches.  The older children enjoyed ‘designing’ their own sandwiches.