Devotions – Beginnings

After spending a week in France and Belgium with the young people, here are some devotions ideas aimed at Company and Seniors on the theme of beginnings, perfect for the start of the year or the start of a camp/holiday.

The plan is Beginnings devotions, a card sort – in the beginning (print onto card and cut out, 2 sets per sheet) and also a quiz Beginnings Quiz.

Music in the Company

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 20.29.31Today I ran a training course on Making Music in your company at KGVI and here are some of the fab things we did. We started by playing the game ‘Orchestra’ – a take on wink murder.  One person leaves the room and the group, sitting in a circle, chose a ‘conductor’ who leads the group in pretending to play a range of instruments.  When the person returns they have to guess who the conductor is. A fun game for Juniors.

We also did lots of rhythm games and building rhythms based on patterns and sounds.  Great fun for the younger children.

We have all made simple shakers filled with dried peas, pasta etc but here are some more ideas.  We made drums with cans and balloons.  Just cut the ballScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 20.27.15oon in half at the widest point and stretch over an empty can, securing it with duck tape – it takes team work to get it stretched tight enough.  You can pluck or hit the balloon drum skin for different sound effects. We also made fab a Lollypop Stick Harmonica (instructions in the PDF).  They really are quite noisy and annoying so great for Juniors or Company.

Instruments in the Bible is a word search involving instruments mentioned in various bible passages. Ephesians 5 is a series of 4 word searches of differing abilities based on Ephesians 5 verses 18-20 which concern music.

As a discussion with Seniors try these quotes: music discussion and a fab source of Music Quizzes for Company or Seniors is 

My previousScreen Shot 2015-08-03 at 20.25.52 post has some other fab resources and we finished the session looking at Boomwhacker bells and sticks.Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 20.25.45

Here is a link to a website if you fancy some more music themed wooden crafts:

We also have made Cajon’s using kits – expensive but you have a fabulous quality instrument to keep for the company at the end of it.  Our Seniors did these as a project

Bastille Day – 14th July


As the 14th July is Bastille Day we had a French themed night.  We started with a colouring for the Anchors and a word search for the Juniors.  The colouring was from Activity Village and here is the Bastille Wordsearch.  We then tried some croissants, pain au chocolate and brioche (bought from Tesco).

For our craft we made French Flag strawberries.  All you need is strawberries, icing, blue glimmer sugar and greaseproof paper. Ok, ours were not as pretty as the picture but they were fun to make and eat.Bastille

We talked about Bastille Day and poverty and had a quiz on what we had heard.  bastille quiz Here is a link to some useful info too:

Enjoy Bastille Day!



We have been looking at food in the bible and healthy eating so here are a few ideas!

We had the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and a fab colouring picture to go with it colouring (it’s not my picture, I found it on this web link

The older children had this fun word search with healthy and unhealthy foods: healthy puzzle. We also did a fruit tasting activity alongside this.

With the story of manna, we had this colouring picture and we also spread a table cloth on the floor and scattered it with frosts (the cheap fake version from ASDA or Tesco are perfect).  Each child had a small paper sweet bag, on which they wrote ‘Manna’, they then went and collected a bag of ‘manna’ which they ate whilst they listened to the story.

To go with the story of the loaves and the fishes, the Anchors made (and ate) tuna sandwiches and the Juniors cooked Fish Finger sandwiches which were enjoyed by all!

Wrong Trousers Day – June

Wallace-Gromit-Wrong-Trouser-DayThe last Friday in June is always Wrong Trousers Day, a chance to fundraise for children in hospitals and hospices.  As a starting point the children are wearing the wrong trousers with their BB uniforms and paying £1 to do so!

Here are some activities for you, but remember to get your stickers and posters by registering on the website:

Here are some colouring pictures for the youngest children: wrong trousers colouring and colouring 2.  Here is a quiz for Juniors or Company: quiz  The Juniors and company could design their own ‘Wrong Trousers’ using this design template.  It looks quite easy but it is tricky and perfect for Company or Seniors to have a go at so here is a link to a card model of Grommit: card model

For a devotions we are watching this clip and talking about who controls us.  Who makes decisions and who we can choose to be like.

BBC Music Day – June

imageAs this year was the first BBC Music Day it called for a music themed evening.  We had a fun, but difficult, wordsearch to start off the Company Section. We also had some instrument outlines so that they could create their own designs of instruments on BBC Music Day themed.

We also played tubeswith Boomwhacker bells and the older ones loved the Boomwhacker tubes.  We experimented with hitting different parts of the body and items to see how the sound changed.  We used the Boomwhacker books and this music (Thanks to and copyright to Jack Simmonds) – Here is the colour coded version Boomwhacker and here is the ordinary version Boomwhacker1.  The tubes were only £10 for a basic set from Amazon and the book only £3. They require no musical knowledge as they are colour coded to match the music.


In addition we asked all the staff for their favourite song and asked the youngsters to match the staff to their favourite song.  This was fun and then each staff member explained why they liked that particular song!


friendshipFollowing on from Inclusion last week, we will be looking at friendship this week.  The Anchors will watch this VeggieTales song and then talk about it.  The Juniors will listen to this (and watch the video) discussing it afterwards  For the Company and Seniors we will look at Bible Quotes about Friendship – there is a fab list of ideas here:

We will make/decorate gingerbread friends with the little ones, whilst the older ones make and exchange friendship bracelets.  The games will be teamwork ones, for the Anchors it will be relay races, for the older ones it will be pass the hoop and pass the T-shirt type games, whichinvolve the youngsters wording together.  We will also play in groups on the Boomwhacker bells and stickers as these are fab for teamwork.  The Juniors will also do a bit of figure marching too!

Thanks to for these fab resources too: recipe_for_a_perfect_friendfriendship_alphabet_challenge and best_friends_colouring_page