Comic Relief/Red Nose Day – March


Comic Relief has just been and gone but here are some ideas for next time it comes round.

The obvious one is a good old puzzle sheet with a design your own nose element, so here goes: rednoseday .  Following that another old favourite is a quiz.  We used it as multiple choice with the Juniors and as a ‘normal’ quiz with Company Section: Quiz  There are lots of resources at too.

IMG_2301With the older ones we baked AND decorated buns and the younger ones just decorated the cheap ASDA/Tesco ready done buns.  As Comic Relief seems to be linked to Maltesers this year, it seemed like the perfect bun topping with a  blob of icing (some used red candy melts too – we bought these from Hobbycraft)!  One bun had even been eaten before I managed to grab this photo.

Also following on from the maltesers idea we played games with Maltesers and straws.  We raced them across tables, dribbled them around cones (using straws not feet) and did the sucky thing to carry them around obstacles whilst we did team games.  AND of course we ate plenty of them too.

The final thing was wearing red and red themed drinks, treats and sweets to share.  Overall we had a lovely evening.  Hope you did too!IMG_2299.JPG






Here are some fun Trolls themed activities, which we used in conjunction with showing the film.

Here is a set of colouring pictures, perfect for a competition: trolls and here are three puzzles on a sheet (getting increasingly more difficult) trolls-puzzle

Here are links to two fun activity dice to make and play with.  They need printing onto card.  Dice and Dice page 2

We also played games like Musical Chairs and Musical Statues using the Trolls Soundtrack.

Valentines 2017 – Love – February

Here are some extra Love themed activists for a range of ages.  We had a love themed quiz love-quiz and puzzle.  The puzzle sheets includes 3 graded word search puzzles, in that they are each more difficult that the previous one.  valentine

We also coloured wooden heart with sharpies to make little gifts.

We purchased a cheap toast stamp (49p for two from Spar) and the Anchors and Juniors made ‘Love’ toast.  This was a great life skills test and lots learnt to spread butter for the first time.

We also watched this video clip and had a discussion about what love is.  Before the discussion and the video we all wrote our thoughts anonymously on heart shapes.  We also enjoyed this clip of the  Sarah Bareilles song ‘Choose You’.  We spent time discussing what this video showed us about love.

Groundhog Day – 2nd February – USA

The 2nd February is Groundhog Day and that is a good excuse for all things American.  So here goes.  Here’s some info about Groundhog Day and it’s beginnings as a religious festival in Germany groundhog-day-info.  We also had a quiz for the older Juniors (used as a multiple choice) and as a ‘write the answer’ for Company Section. quiz

If you have younger ones they might like this colouring activity: colouring

The Company Section enjoyed a Beetle Drive with a Groundhog Day Theme.  All you need is a copy of this sheet each (either just page 1 or double sided), a pen each and a dice per table groundhog-day.

The older ones did US food tasting and enjoyed lots of products which are easily purchased in major supermarkets (ASDA and Tesco are particularly good).

They also did blind Oreo tasting guessing the flavours.  It is worth noting that Oreos are dairy and egg free and just avoid the peanut butter if you have nut allergies.  We found the following flavours; original, double, golden, strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter, chocolate cream.


David and Goliath

Fun games involved throwing balls (stones) into a bucket.  We also played hop scotch with the Anchors.

The Anchors decorated stones however they wanted and here are some of their amazing outcomes.  The stones were collected at an East Coast beach!

Here is a link to lots of David and Goliath themed puzzles Many of them are suitable for Junior aged kids.

Our Juniors had circles of fabric the size of a dinner plate which each child sewed with a wide hem and running stitch.  They then threaded a ribbon around the edge and used it as a draw string.  They then filled the bags with stones (which in this case were sweets!). This activity went surprisingly well although I didn’t manage to get any photos!






US Inauguration – January


Last week was the inauguration so we took the opportunity to talk about the US.  Ok, it might be 4 years before you can use some of this, but it is easy to hold a USA themed evening.  We spoke about America and all things American.  How about some American food and sweets.  Kids love Twinkies!


We looked at famous US landmarks and did this colouring and dot to dot dottodot.  The dot to dot is tricky and only for older Juniors/Company Section.

The puzzle sheet here is really only suitable for Inauguration but it might be useful! puzzle

Kings – Solomon

Following on from Epiphany we have been looking at King Solomon and the idea of wisdom.

The Anchors looked at Kings and Queens and talked about Buckingham Palace etc using photos.  They coloured in these pictures of crowns. crowns There are 3 different crowns to colour in this file.


The Juniors talked about WISDOM and we looked at the wise owl in addition to the story of Solomon.  Using packets of sweets that were brown coloured we made these simple owls.  They were well loved by the Juniors.

Here are some owl themed colouring pictures owl-colouring. And for the slightly older young ones here is an owl colour by numbers: 20170121_00003

I also found an owl in adult dot to dot book, which the older Juniors enjoyed.