Whether the film is called Zootopis (UK) or Zootropolis (US) is your choice but we held a great activity day based around this film. Below is a list of activities which we used:

  • We started by decorating paper bags with names and one of the pictures from the sheet.  The bags cost £3 for 25 from Amazon Zootopia images Here is a picture of a completed bag too!IMG_0727
  • Each child had an activity book printed A5 which fitted in the bag.  It included puzzle and colouring.  You can print the individual pages here or the whole booklet: Zootopia
  • The older ones had this fox themed adult colouring page too fox colouring
  • Here are two fabulous Lolly Pop Stick crafts for the younger ones! Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 22.06.25.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-23 at 22.06.57.png
  • Here is a Paper craft for the Juniors – just copy onto card, cut, colour and fold fox
  • As blueberries are mentioned in the film we made blueberry muffins with this simple recipe.  Not many ingredients (Dairy and Egg Free) so perfect for allergy sufferers.Blueberry Muffins
  • Rabbit masks were fabulous for the younger ones when printed onto card and attached to a chunky Lolly Stick rabbit mask
  • The Anchors decorated buns with animal footprints.  Each chocolate footprint was made from 1 large chocolate button and 3 small chocolate buttons – yummy!
  • Obviously we watched the film, ate ice lollies, Cadbury’s chocolate animals and had a quiz too!
  • At the end of the day everyone got a mini certificate printed onto card.certificates

The Lost Sheep

We have been looking at parables recently and looked at the Parable of the Lost Sheep.

The Anchors made sheep by taking a paper plate and cutting out and attaching this face sheep.  They added white circles for eyes and also curled up white paper for the fur.  It was simple and effective.

The Juniors made wool sheep.  They needed a copy of this sheep each which were cut out wool sheep.  They were folded along the lines and then wrapped with scraps of wool.  The effect was lovely as can be seen below.

We then used this poster lost sheep and hid some of the sheep around the church.  We continued to re-hide them for a week or two and it became a fun game with the congregation.  Of course some of the children chose to take their sheep home instead.


10 Commandments

We look10 commed at the story of the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20 verses 1-17) and looked at rules in general, in particular rules at school and at home.

The Anchors and Juniors sang the action song ’10 Rules One God’ by Dave Godfrey, which reminded them of the rules.

The Anchors coloured in the picture colouring and the Juniors helped each other to draw around their hands on to a piece of paper.  They then took one of each of these images and stuck it on to the tip of the finger in order 10 commandments

We then played bingo using these 1-10 bingo cards made at www.myfreebingocards.com. We played for 4 corners and a line.  The children loved playing this and wanted to play over and over again.

We then asked them to promise to keep one commandment ‘perfectly’ for the next week.  We went around the circle and they made suitable suggestions.

The Wise and the Foolish Builder

We looked at the parable of the wise and the foolish man tonight.  We loved singing the Dave Godfrey song ‘Ace Foundations’.  Whilst looking at the story the Anchors also looked at knowing their addresses.

We used the word search available here Bible Puzzle for the Juniors and we used a dot to dot dot to dot for the younger ones and a code task code for the older ones.  We also did drawings of our houses too!

The younger ones enjoyed building with Jenga blocks and Lego and the older ones build structures from Spaghetti and Jelly Babies.

The Prodigal Son

We completed this topic over a couple of weeks.  We started with watching the episode of VeggieTales entitled ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s’, we also did these Big Ideas colouring sheets.WizardOfHasPg1 WizardOfHasPg2 WizardOfHasPg3

We also had a code to crack and a word search for the Juniors.  This was a little more difficult.The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s

The Anchors made a pig.  We copied page 1 of this document on to white paper and page 2 onto pale pink. The children cut out the shapes (they need one copy of page 2 each and one of the shapes from page 1 each) and assembled the pigs by glueing on to card, adding eyes etc with a pen. pig

The Juniors looked at their family.  They used this template and my family made the middle finger into themselves and the other fingers into people they felt the closest to.  The results were pretty impressive.Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 15.49.53.png


Italy – Da Vinci – April

To commemorate Da Vinci’s birthday in April we held an Italian theme night.  Here is an activity sheet Italy sheet and a word search about Da Vinci.Leonardo Da Vinci word search. They also enjoyed colouring in their own version of the Mona Lisa mona lisa colouring.

Pizza is a big part of Italy so we had a Design your own pizza sheet design a pizza and then we made pizzas using bread cakes, tomato puree and a variety of toppings.  These were then cooked for about 5 minutes in the oven and enjoyed by the children.

Mother’s Day – March


Here are some Mother’s Day themed activities to share with your young people:

  • Here is an activity sheet for Juniors and younger Company activity sheet
  • Print these onto card and  get younger children to cut out and colour in.  They were then attached to daffodils for cheap gifts – these cpiecesould also be used in a church service gift tags
  • Use these templates printed onto card, trimmed along the bottom and folded into thirds for the main part of this card.  Use the centres and tissue paper to finish off the card. card template card centre
  • Here are some prayers with responses for Mothering Sunday prayers
  • This clip is perfect for the older ones to show them the unconditional love of a parent for a child – The Prodigal Son https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNW-dZ8GOm0