Kings – Solomon

Following on from Epiphany we have been looking at King Solomon and the idea of wisdom.

The Anchors looked at Kings and Queens and talked about Buckingham Palace etc using photos.  They coloured in these pictures of crowns. crowns There are 3 different crowns to colour in this file.


The Juniors talked about WISDOM and we looked at the wise owl in addition to the story of Solomon.  Using packets of sweets that were brown coloured we made these simple owls.  They were well loved by the Juniors.

Here are some owl themed colouring pictures owl-colouring. And for the slightly older young ones here is an owl colour by numbers: 20170121_00003

I also found an owl in adult dot to dot book, which the older Juniors enjoyed.


Epiphany – January

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time, but here is a January post for you.  The Anchors made Kings from paper cups (cheap and cheerful, colourful ones from Tesco), different coloured bits of paper and foam sheets cut up for the crowns.  We thought that they looked fabulous.

The Juniors had a puzzle about stars and talked about words with the word star in them. stars

Pass the present (parcel) was enjoyed by the younger ones too! The Company Section had a pass the parcel but with cling film used to wrap the layers instead – a bit different and lots of fun!

The Juniors and Company Section made star biscuits using this simple recipe. They turned out well and the ones with the added chocolate chips were well received.  The cookies are, dairy and egg free – hence Vegan. cookies

Here is a quick game that I found online.  Children move around the room and perform the actions as given below: (sorry I can’t credit the source as I can’t remember where I found this).


Diwali – Light



Here are some ideas for the end of October/start of November on the theme of Light:

  • An information sheet for a devotions type session diwali-facts
  • A colouring sheet of the Goddess Lakshmi lakshmi
  • A puzzle sheet for Juniors/younger Company diwali-puzzles
  • Our Anchors painted ‘light’ pictures using light coloured paints on black card.  We used cotton buds instead of paint brushes.
  • The Juniors did suncatchers and sprinkles key rings, both if which look super when the light shines through them.

RNIB – ‘Wear Dots’/Braille

We held an awareness evening for RNIB and here are the activities we enjoyed.

  1. We played the game Dots and Lines using these sheets dots-and-lines
  2. We used the information sheet braille and the paper braille-paper to write our names in Braille by colouring the dots
  3. We made use of the free resources from the RNIBIMG_1028.JPG
  4. We looked at the History of Braille and completed this Large Print Wordsearch the-history-of-braille
  5. We played Pin the Tail on the DonkeyIMG_1027.JPG
  6. We tried instructing each other on throwing and catching with our eyes closedIMG_1033.JPG
  7. We then decorated biscuits with our initials in Braille using Skittles/chocolate drops/Jelly Tots and icingIMG_1032.JPGIMG_1031.JPG


Harvest (Autumn)

It’s Harvest festival this week at church and we have had a range of fun activities at BB too.

harvest scarecrow – Here are some colouring pictures of scarecrows etc for the younger one.  We used this alongside the story of the Sower.  The Juniors had this word search too sower.

The older ones had a quiz harvest-festival-quiz and made Scarecrow biscuits too!  If you use Skittles instead these would be dairy free too!



Whether the film is called Zootopis (UK) or Zootropolis (US) is your choice but we held a great activity day based around this film. Below is a list of activities which we used:

  • We started by decorating paper bags with names and one of the pictures from the sheet.  The bags cost £3 for 25 from Amazon Zootopia images Here is a picture of a completed bag too!IMG_0727
  • Each child had an activity book printed A5 which fitted in the bag.  It included puzzle and colouring.  You can print the individual pages here or the whole booklet: Zootopia
  • The older ones had this fox themed adult colouring page too fox colouring
  • Here are two fabulous Lolly Pop Stick crafts for the younger ones! Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 22.06.25.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-23 at 22.06.57.png
  • Here is a Paper craft for the Juniors – just copy onto card, cut, colour and fold fox
  • As blueberries are mentioned in the film we made blueberry muffins with this simple recipe.  Not many ingredients (Dairy and Egg Free) so perfect for allergy sufferers.Blueberry Muffins
  • Rabbit masks were fabulous for the younger ones when printed onto card and attached to a chunky Lolly Stick rabbit mask
  • The Anchors decorated buns with animal footprints.  Each chocolate footprint was made from 1 large chocolate button and 3 small chocolate buttons – yummy!
  • Obviously we watched the film, ate ice lollies, Cadbury’s chocolate animals and had a quiz too!
  • At the end of the day everyone got a mini certificate printed onto card.certificates

The Lost Sheep

We have been looking at parables recently and looked at the Parable of the Lost Sheep.

The Anchors made sheep by taking a paper plate and cutting out and attaching this face sheep.  They added white circles for eyes and also curled up white paper for the fur.  It was simple and effective.

The Juniors made wool sheep.  They needed a copy of this sheep each which were cut out wool sheep.  They were folded along the lines and then wrapped with scraps of wool.  The effect was lovely as can be seen below.

We then used this poster lost sheep and hid some of the sheep around the church.  We continued to re-hide them for a week or two and it became a fun game with the congregation.  Of course some of the children chose to take their sheep home instead.