Dinosaurs (The Good Dinosaur)

The_Good_Dinosaur_Promo_Art_03.jpgWe held a Junior Weekend with a dinosaur theme after watching the film ‘The Good Dinosaur’.  Here are some of the activities we tried out:

  • We started the weekend designing Dino bags to store our dinosaur goodies inIMG_4112.JPG
  • We baked Rich Tea biscuits and cut them into Dinosaur shapes – we enjoyed eating them and we also packaged some into pretty bags to take home as presents



Sing Up Day – February

sing up day.gifToday is National Sing Up Day and here are some ideas to help you celebrate or participate.

Chinese New Year – January and February


Chinese New Year falls in January or February each year so here are some ideas for the older ones.

Here are some colouring pictures from www.activityvillage.co.uk lantern colouring zodiac colouring Here is also a word search chinese_new_year_word_search

Here is some information about Chinese New Year the_story_of_the_chinese_zodiac_printable and here is a quick fact file link http://www.topmarks.co.uk/ChineseNewYear/ChineseNewYear.aspx Also use the table at the top to look up what animal each child is.

We also did some Chinese Food tasting which was fun and talked about fortune cookies! We ended the night with a quiz to see what we had learnt.  The winner received RED sweets to go with theme of red being a lucky colour in China.

Martin Luther King Day – January

This week was Martin Luther King Day so we had a look at some of what he said and what he dreamed of.

We played the Westlife song ‘I have a dream’ as they entered and settled down.  After lightening a candle we had a chat about who MLK was and what they already knew about him. Some of them were aware of his famous ‘I have a dream speech’  – you could read it to them or let them watch/listen.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vDWWy4CMhEmlk.jpg

We went on to talk about some of his other speeches and how fitting this was.  We spoke about the need for change in all of our lives, in schools, in churches and in the BB.  We spoke about moving forward and how we can do that.Martin-Luther-King-Jr-I-Have-A-Dream-Speech-1.jpg

We then went back to dreams and spoke about our personal dreams.  I played the piece of music ‘Lili’s Dream’ from the film ‘The Danish Girl’ whilst they went away and wrote their dreams for the world onto these templates.  dream We then shared this and took photos before praying about their ideas.  Here are a few of the photosIMG_0825.jpgIMG_0821.jpgIMG_0822.jpg


Burns Night – January

burnsAs next week is Burns Night, here are some ideas for you to celebrate with your younger members.  These are intended for those who know nothing about Robert Burns (probably English BB companies as opposed to Scottish ones).

World Snowman Day – January

snowman-wallpaper.jpgThe 18th of January is World Snowman Day. So here are some Snow(man) themed activities for the younger and older members.  For our devotional time we looked at the uniqueness of creation and the fact we were created unique just as each snowflake is unique.  We also talked about how we can be moulded, shaped and changed just like snow can.

  • biscuits.jpgHere are three colouring sheets for the younger members. snowman
  • And is an easy wordsearch/colouring sheet.snowman wordsearch
  • This sheet contains some information about World Snow
    man Day. world snowman day
  • We enjoyed making (and eating) melted snowman biscuits, using Rich Tea Biscuits, icing and marshmallows.
  • We finished by playing a Snowman Beetle Drive.  We sat in groups of four with one dice per group, with the winner shouting ‘Snowman’.  Here is a sheet to get you started: Roll a Snowman.

Refugees and Human Trafficking

logo-stopthetraffik-300x231.pngFollowing on from the story of the Epiphany and the escape of Jesus and his family, we looked at the themes of refugees, slavery and trafficking.  Have a look at Matthew 2 verse 13-15 as a starting point.

There are some useful resources for the older ones on this website http://wluke 4.pngww.stopthetraffik.org/uk/

Luke 4 has some interesting discussion points about how to treat people.  We talked about how refugees are treated by the media and by people in our communities.

With the younger ones we talked about friends from other countries and also talked about our favourite places. We used these ‘frames’ to draw our favourite places. my favourite place frames