To go along with our Anchor and Junior work on the story of Joseph here are some ideas:

  • Colouring pictures joseph1 or joseph2
  • We bought packs of mini gingerbread men from Asda and used icing and edible decorations to decorate Joseph’s coat!IMG_3849
  • We looked at dreams and then the children drew their own dreams in a template.  We then spent time talking about their dreams
  • Here are 3 Joseph word searches – easy to difficult Joseph’s Dreams
  • We also used music from the Musical ‘Joseph’ for figure marching

Paris Attacks

Peace in ParisIn the light of the attacks in Paris on Friday evening, I thought it may be appropriate to put together a post bringing into one place all of things I had found on the Internet this weekend.  They are not my own resources but they are very useful. mlk

  • The thoughts of Martin Luther King are very poignant at this time.  This image would make a great discussion point.  Why he wrote it then and why it still is true now.  It could also link to John 8 v 12.
  • Courtesy of is this useful image for discussion.  Blobs are amazing – follow them on Facebook or look at the website if you need more information, but blob parishere are the suggested discussion questions too (great to use with adults or children):
    • With your partner, discuss what you can see
    • Which Blobs are experiencing fear?
    • Which Blobs are feeling angry? Why?
    • Which Blobs are on a mission?
    • Which Blob/s did you feel like about these murders?
    • Which Blob would you like to feel like?
    • Which Blob do you think God feels like?
  • This has gone viral on Twitter but it is important to remember the wider world at this time.Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 17.25.11
  • Try discussing this image of world
  • This image also shows every other horrendous thing which happened on 13th November
  • Here is another image based on the ‘je suis Charlie’ one and might make a nice suis
  • Finally why not tweet your prayers with the hashtag #prayforparis

Superheroes (Children in Need) – November

SuperheroesChildren in Need was today and we used the Superhero theme for a fun themed evening.  This could fit at any point in the year though.  Here is a list of fun activities which we tried out with oIMG_3838ur young people.

  • Superhero colouring for young and old colouring superhero
  • Superhero quiz (perfect for Juniors and younger Company Section)superhero name
  • We made superhero themed biscuits using
    roll out icing.  Some made masks, others capes and there were some fab superhero logo designs too.
  • IMG_3837The Anchors made lolly stick superheroes.  They used a triangle of paper and a ‘fat’ lolly stick.  The mask was a small strip of paper with eyes drawn on.  Those who finished quickly added a logo to the reverse of the cape.


  • The Juniors made lolly superheroes.  They used these cape templates and added a mask out of small stickers cut in half.  I think the lolly waIMG_3839s the appeal in these!
  • The Juniors and Anchors sang ‘Jesus Superhero’ and talked about Jesus miracles and ‘super powers’
  • The older ones enjoyed a discussion about what superhero they liked most and which super power they would like (and why).  We also talked about who their real life superhero would be.  Ideas ranged from inventors to family members and teachers.
  • We also had a sound effects colouring which the older ones (surprisingly) enjoyed.

Remembrance/memories – November

poppyHere are a few ideas for the topic of remembrance or memories:

  • A word search at three levels (easy to hard) WWI
  • A wreath to complete and colour wreath
  • Templates for poppies which can be cut out of red felt (green for the leaf), a black button for the centre!  They look fab and fun to make too!  They could be sewn together, but we preferred the speed of the glue gun poppy
  • Play Kim’s Game with a tray of objects to remember
  • Use these Dr Seuss quotes to discuss or as a parting thought hand out sheet
  • Link to a video about how you will be remembered remember video link
  • Also try talking about 1 Corinthians 11 v 24-25 or Psalm 25:7
  • There are lots of resources on

Jurassic World

Jurassic-WorldWith the popularity of dinosaurs, here are some dinosaur ideas:

  • Make cookies and stamp the foot of a dinosaur toy into each cookies
  • Try a word search – there is an easy one Jurassic World2 and a more difficult one Jurassic World
  • Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Evolution – everyone starts as an egg (hands above head) and plays three rounds against a partner. The winner moves onto the next action, the loser of each level goes back a level (egg is the lowest though).  Whilst walking round performing your action (they are easy to make up and agree with your group), you can only play someone at the same level as yourself. The first to reach God is the winner!  Here is a sheet to help you out Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Here is a colouring for your younger ones too colouring
  • Try making yellow/orange jelly and setting it in plastic tubs with small dinosaur toys hidden in it.  The children can enjoy being palaeontologists and hacking away at the jelly with a knife and fork to discover the hidden dinosaur!  Also works if you freeze the toys in orange water (juice or food colouring!).

Tower of Babel – European Day of Languages – September

top-banner-2015_EN26th September is the European Day of Languages and we were celebrating that whilst looking at the origins of the word ‘to babble’ and the Tower of Babel.  Here are some activity ideas for you:

Pirates – September

19th September iTalk_Like_a_Pirate_Days ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ and we will be having a pirate themed evening in each of the age groups.  Choose appropriate activities from the list below to suit your age group.  We saw a local pirate exhibition in Hull over the summer and had the opportunity to dress in costumes.  Have a look at the photo opportunities we had and then look at the list of themed activities below the photos.IMG_3580IMG_9988