Noah – Following instructions

noahHere is some ‘stuff’ from a recent children service on Noah, but they could easily be used for a Company Devotions or a series of activities with a range of age groups as they can easily be adapted.Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 16.56.49

Before the bible reading I used this Wordle image to ask people to guess the theme and the bible reading to follow.

Here is the Bible Reading from Genesis 7 v 1-10 read by the puppets Max and Topple (Thanks Jack)! I have had to link to Dropbox files for the video files as this site does not support MP4 format.

We played a game of Simon Says which fitted really well with this topic. Here is a link to a fun Simon Says song for little children

We use two clips from Evan Almighty which are available on YouTube.  here is the link to the first and here is the link to the second

We also made paper boats following these instructions boat and using a sheet of A4 paper each.  You could always try sailing them too! Here is a video of almost the same set of instructions 

We also had a dog who followed instructions to do a live demo in our service, but here is a video in case you don’t have access to anything similar! Kaspar did amazingly well performing his tricks!

If you want to sing we used ‘Arky, Arky Noah’, ‘In the Jungle’ (Dave Godfrey) and ‘King of the Jungle’.  We also sang ‘I, the Lord of Sea and Sky’ (Number 663 in Singing the Faith)

Here are the Prayers of Intercession as written by our young people. Prayers They will need some adaptation depending on when and where you use them.

Fairtrade Fortnight

fairtradeIt’s Fairtrade Fortnight so why not try one of these ideas! Remember to check for allergies if you are going to be using food!

1. Fairtrade food tasting – you could just taste some Fairtrade food or you could try a blind taste test of the Fairtrade v non Fairtrade products.

2. Fairtrade wordsearch – have a go at this one Fairtrade_Fortnight or this one Fair-trade Wordsearch or for the younger children try a colouring sheet Fairtrade_colouring like the one from

3. Have a look and share the stories on the Fairtrade wordsearch

4. Visit a local shop or a major supermarket and see which Fairtrade products are available. Write to them and ask them to stock more Fairtrade products.

5. Hold a discussion about Fairtrade and what part it can play in your life.

6. Make Fairtrade hot chocolate or coffee – a great activity to teach Juniors how to do this safely.

7. Fairtrade baking – have a look at these recipes

8. Buy and blow up (together as a team) a Fairtrade banana. It will take longer than you think!

9. Try out the 2015 Fairtrade QuizThe Fairtrade Quiz 2015 8+ from

10. Try out this fairtrade game which I found at  fair trade game


lodgeAs part of our Junior Holiday we are getting outdoors a lot!  So here are a few of our themed activities.

We are having a campfire with the usual campfire songs and marshmallow toasting!  Afterwards we completed a colouring sheet as a competition campfire colouring.  We are going to try some of the Woodland Trust activities including this one:play_winter_twigtowers There is also this fab Nature Detectives logbook for the children to complete: nature-detectives-woodland-log-book

We are also getting out and about with a trip to indoor real snow tobogganing and 3D mini golf.

We are going to do some activities indoors too, but they are outdoor themed.  Here is a design a Golf Course activity from deIMG_2776sign your own golf course.  Here is another wet weather standby activity with a themed word search outdoors word search.

We are going to collect small leaves etc and then laminate them to make a bookmark or a picture.  They can then draw on the laminate with marker pens.  So long as it’s not twigs, anything goes!

We are also IMG_2777making and decorating bird feeders with the kits from, we are making foam room signs with names and foam animal and tree stickers.

Pancake Day

After makiMardi-Gras-Hero-ABng pancakes what else will you get up to? Here are some Shrove Tuesday resources to use in your programme.  Here is a word search for Juniors shrove tuesday and this is a link to more pancake colouring and puzzles:

Here are some fab facts that will make a great discussion point for Juniors or Company Section:

Here is a quiz (name the famous person where the person is disguised by a Mardi Gras mask), this is perfect for Company Section. who am I The answers are on page 3.

Also here is a PowerPoint of Mardi Gras images, which we used as a starting point to a discussion on lent, giving things up and also what would you want to hide behind a mask.  mardi gras



We had a bit of a monster themed night with the younger Company Section so here our some resources – this could be used with Juniors too!

We started with a word search which was easy and a bit of colouring:  monsters We then went on to discuss beliefs.  We looked at things such as the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, Bigfoot etc and also God and the idea that everyone has an opinion, often they are different but it’s up to an individual to make your mind up.  Also we discussed the idea of believing in things without ‘proof’.

IMG_2713Next we made monster lolly pops using marshmallows, lolly sticks, candy melts and icing pens.  Candy melts are super as they melt so easily and set so quickly and the colours are fab too.  We bought ours from Hobbycraft.  The Haribo marshmallows were the most popular as they were the largest.  I purchased candy eyes from eBay which finished off the monster look!

The evening finished with a few games and a quiz: monster quiz It was a nice easy quiz with lots of high scores, so everyone was happy.  Have a monster day!

Love – Valentines Day

Here is a quiz based on Love Songs for your Company/Seniors.  There is a fun and creative second part where they can make up silly parts too.  The answers are on page 2.Love song quiz

Here is a craft for Anchors and Juniors.  Print this sheet onto card  I love you this much or I love you this much2.  Cut out the hands on the template (for the younger children you willIMG_2710 need to do this in advance). On the strip the children draw things that they love (there is one version with items listed – perfect for younger children or ones with no imagination).  The strip is then folded like a fan or concertina and attached between the two hands with double sided tape or glue. Our children wrote a message on the back too.IMG_2712

Wax hearts are perfect to be made by Juniors – wax crayons aIMG_2711re broken up using a blunt knife and placed in a silicone mould.  The oven is heated to 200 degrees and then it takes about 6 to 8 minutes to melt the wax.  We then placed the mould outside to cool before removing the hearts (an adult should carry the moulds when full of melted wax). Different colour schemes and sized pieces give different effects.IMG_2753


IMG_2583With the tragic stories in the recent news about injuries and death by ‘dangerous dogs’, safety around dogs is vital.  We invited in the local dog rescue to give a talk about dogs and how to be safe around dogs.  Here is also a link to some fab resources by Blue Cross on the same theme: We collected doggy products and food for their rescue dogs as a thank you.  This also helped with community links.

We turned this into a theme night for the Year 6 (Juniors) and the Company Section with these extra activities.  Here is a dog word search about breeds, perfect to start the evening: dog word search Also there is a kennel to fill with a dog for the younger ones: kennel For the older ones here is a quiz to name the cartoon dog.  The answers are on page 2: cartoon dogs quiz